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"karma digital saved us over 15k per month in SEO fees and we got better results! Instead of always begging our team for content, they understand the basics now and are excited about the results."


Our Approach

  We focus on owned and earned content (anyone can run paid ads). While many people associate “SEO” or search engine optimization with Google, Bing, and Yahoo, we’ve expanded our approach to include all search engines. We view SEO as the act of optimizing content to appear when someone is looking for it. This means, any owned or earned content can be optimized to appear where and when you want across hundreds of search engines.

Empower Your Team!

Training your team to be SEO-Aware is one of the largest things that sets us apart from competitors. We believe with a baseline knowledge, your team can help us craft a better SEO strategy than if our specialists did it in a vacuum. You know your business best, we know SEO best- when your team is empowered to help drive strategy, that’s when the SEO-magic happens.

Drive More Organic Traffic

When we join forces to create an SEO strategy, you win. You and your team know your business best, so why would you let an SEO agency create a strategy and optimizations without their input? Because we train your team, they are empowered with a baseline knowledge to ask the right questions, to get involved in the creating the strategy, and excited to execute. This involvement is critical to SEO success and that’s why our method delivers bigger results than a traditional agency.

Save Money

Because we don’t have all of the overhead of a traditional agency, you save. Your dedicated Account Manager uses Slack for ongoing and fast communication (no more waiting for email responses). Your team is busy, we use the latest technology to ensure quick communication where and when you need us.

We’ve Got the Proof! Check out our Case Studies Below.

Google’s New SEO Starter Guide

Google’s New SEO Starter Guide

Google updated their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide yesterday, and we are so excited the emphasis they placed on education, optimizing for users, and achieving rankings your site deserves. These three things are all areas that are core to karma digital, we've...

My SEO Updates Are Not Reflected in Search Results

My SEO Updates Are Not Reflected in Search Results

One of the most common panicked calls or messages I get early on with a new client is, "I updated the title tag and meta description just like you said, but it's not correct in search results. What did I do wrong?" With the exception of actually implementing...

Did my previous SEO team suck that bad?

Did my previous SEO team suck that bad?

We get a lot of "salty" people that come to us mad at their previous SEO agency or person, jaded and skeptical about SEO. This morning, I got asked by a current client, "Did my previous SEO person just suck that bad? How can you have spent a month with us and we are...


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SEO is Simple!

  • Having worked on multiple websites with karma digital, they understand that marketing strategies must be integrated for an organization to be successful. Ensuring the entire organization understands SEO, as I’ve experienced first hand, is critical to the success. The karma digital team not only provided the training we needed, but also put the time in to understand the business and multiple goals. By understanding the business, training was amazing, as well as, the ongoing support from the team. Well worth the $500 per month, this type of strategy has allowed us to keep our content fresh, rank well in organic search & continue to maximize our conversion rates for the traffic that arrives on our site. They are always providing relevant thought-leadership for our entire team.

    Leighton Hendrick, Marketing Consultant
  • The entire team at karma digital is talented! As a start-up, we are hyper focused on results. And that’s what they delivered. Furthermore, the team demonstrated great flexibility in adjusting to our changing project scope, priorities, and timing. Through it all, the team at karma digital has a passion for SEO that feeds off our passion …and vice versa! The ability as a start-up to know we will never need an SEO agency is huge for us, that’s a large cost savings to get better results than we could have even imagined.

    Lloyd Sommers, General Manager
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