E-Book: Learn How & Why to Bring SEO In-House | karma digital

SEO Made Simple

Guide to bringing SEO In-House

What You Get:

  • Why You Should do SEO In-House vs. Using an Agency

    SEO is an art and a science. We are confident that by creating a foundation of SEO internally, you can achieve better results at a lower cost by empowering your team.

  • What You’ll Have to Do Yourself

    When done correctly, SEO isn’t a huge burden. In our training, we encourage companies to create a culture across the entire organization of SEO. This means, nearly everyone at a company attends our training.

  • How to Ensure You’ll Have the Resources

    Ensuring your entire team attends training is key to having enough resources that it doesn’t bog down one person. We will run through common roles and responsibilities as they relate to SEO tasks.

  • Setting Expectations Internally

    We get it, people focus on the things that they like doing and they see results from. We will help you set expectations that get your team focused on SEO results.

  • How to Create an SEO Culture

    Creating a company culture of SEO from day 1 is important. When everyone understands how they add value, SEO moves from being a fulltime job (or something outsourced to an agency) to something that everyone contributes to.

  • How to Transition Your Team Away from an Agency

    Here we get into the nitty-gritty of actually making the transition away from your agency. We promise, it’s not nearly as hard as your agency will make it out to be… and you likely won’t tank your rankings overnight.


Enthusiasm is Contagious!

  • Having worked on multiple websites with karma digital, they understand that marketing strategies must be integrated for an organization to be successful. Ensuring the entire organization understands SEO, as I’ve experienced first hand, is critical to the success. The karma digital team not only provided the training we needed, but also put the time in to understand the business and multiple goals. By understanding the business, training was amazing, as well as, the ongoing support from the team. Well worth the $500 per month, this type of strategy has allowed us to keep our content fresh, rank well in organic search & continue to maximize our conversion rates for the traffic that arrives on our site. They are always providing relevant thought-leadership for our entire team.

    Leighton Hendrick, Marketing Consultant
  • The entire team at karma digital is talented! As a start-up, we are hyper focused on results. And that’s what they delivered. Furthermore, the team demonstrated great flexibility in adjusting to our changing project scope, priorities, and timing. Through it all, the team at karma digital has a passion for SEO that feeds off our passion …and vice versa! The ability as a start-up to know we will never need an SEO agency is huge for us, that’s a large cost savings to get better results than we could have even imagined.

    Lloyd Sommers, General Manager