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How Are You Different from a Traditional SEO Agency?

At initial glance, we may not seem that different from a traditional SEO agency, the largest difference is in the results you can expect. Our methodology differs from a traditional SEO agency in that we focus first on empowering your team. With SEO, we’ve learned that success is tied to your ability to create quality content and execute. When we train your entire team on the basics, they understand why they are being asked to do things a certain way and are excited to participate. This is a critical piece missing from a traditional SEO agency- they may be the best at SEO, but without involving your team the quality and timeliness of work lacks.

Let’s be real, how can you offer the Summit Package at such an affordable price?

We know… it’s a pretty significant departure from the traditional SEO firms, where engagements typically range from $5K up to $20K per month. The truth is that this is a disruptive model in the SEO business.

We aim to:

  1. Make your team SEO-Aware with extensive training
  2. Provide regular communication direct to SEO experts at karma digital- we know there is a comfort in accountability and we’re here to support you
  3. Provide your team with strong reporting on a monthly basis, so that you can track your progress
  4. Provide a quarterly strategic session with your team with an action plan for what the next quarter holds. We fully recognize the need for strategic input, and often an outside opinion is the fresh lens you need. The reality is that your team will do most of the work without much overhead but we will be here to help drive the strategy. You’re already creating content… are you doing it with SEO in mind? Are you writing content that is strategic, and will help your company improve rankings? We find that unless companies are SEO-aware and have an open line of communication to SEO experts, they aren’t. We’re here to change that.


Watch our video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRW3Zwezs_o

What is SEO?

Even as recently as a few years ago, SEO (search engine optimization) was thought to only be improving the rankings of your website on Google. This is such a narrow definition, which is why SEO doesn’t get the attention it really deserves.

SEO is the act of optimizing your paid, owned, and earned assets to appear where you want, when you want. Did you ever think SEO could impact a local event you’re doing? Well, if you want people to know about that event you’ll want to understand the basics of SEO. Ever wonder why your address isn’t showing up in search results correctly? Every single relevant phrase searched (not just on Google!) is an opportunity for your business to create a strategy to increase your visibility.

Some search engines that often get forgotten about are Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora… the list goes on and on. SEO to us, is about improving your visibility where your customers are.

Do You Only Offer SEO?

We get it, it’s much easier to have one agency doing SEO, PPC, Paid Social etc. We’ve found that by focusing only on SEO, we can help our clients get the best organic search results possible. When we venture out into other digital marketing areas, our clients get lost in all of the details and there are too many moving parts at once to see what’s actually working. So yes, we only offer SEO… but this will impact all content that you create.

What if I Only Want SEO Training?

While we love helping create a strategy for you and your team, we understand if you only want team training. We offer customized SEO trainings for your team starting at $1,250. There are a lot of SEO trainings available, what makes our different is that you can start working from day 1- we are totally interactive (no generic trainings from us). We expect your team to come equipped with all logins they need to makes updates/changes, and we will show them how during our session. Email us at hello@karmadigital.io to request more information.

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