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Is your Organization Ranking in Google?

Bring in the search engine optimization (SEO) experts in to bring more attention to your cause for free.

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How it Works?

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We believe SEO (search engine optimization) is a tool, like email or other marketing skills, every person in your organization should have. Sign up for a full-day team training for free.

Implement SEO Learnings

After your training you will have the tips and tricks you need to put an SEO strategy together with initial support from our team. Your team will be armed to use what you've learned to improve your website's rankings.

Show Up in Google

When you do the work, you see the results. After implementing your SEO findings and strategies, see the results for yourself. With more people finding you, you will have more people supporting your cause and mission.

Why work with karma digital?

We believe in karma. And we're passionate about giving back to help non-for-profits who are doing good succeed. Let us help you show up better in search results without the cost of an SEO agency, we'll train your team for free to empower them execute on SEO strategies and projects.
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