How does one SEO package work for everyone?

How does one SEO package work for everyone?

The Summit Package is a plan that is designed to make your company SEO-Aware, and then to provide support, strategic input, and the tools necessary to keep your company on the right path. What we recognized was that companies- not SEO firms, have improved rankings when armed with the right tools.

This process starts with extensive training that we provide to your team. This can be done onsite or virtually, and is an interactive full-day training session with the appropriate people within your company. Training is a crucial element to success, and will help to make your entire company SEO-Aware. This means that SEO goes from one person’s job to something that the entire company’s responsible for in various ways. For example, when you are publishing content, having your website modified, issuing press releases, and just generally conducting business, you’re doing so with SEO in mind.

This approach offers a chance to really free yourself from the significant ongoing costs associated with traditional SEO firms, yields better results, and empowers your entire team to contribute. SEO education is a powerful tool.


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July 5, 2017

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