Google’s New SEO Starter Guide

Google updated their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide yesterday, and we are so excited the emphasis they placed on education, optimizing for users, and achieving rankings your site deserves. These three things are all areas that are core to karma digital, we’ve been preaching this to our clients forever… so thanks Google!


So what does the guide have to say (in a nutshell)?


  1. There is no secret sauce, sorry! The guide provides best practices (that are often overlooked) to help rank your site where it deserves to appear in search results. Critical word there, “deserves”. You want to rank for rose gold watches? You’d better be able to explain why you deserve to rank higher than everyone else out there today.
  2. You should optimize your site for your site users. I find myself telling my clients this all the time, if you have a question and aren’t totally sure how to handle… always ask yourself what is best for the user. That’s the SEO response.
  3. Not everyone needs an SEO expert. You heard that right. I’d love to say everyone needs a company like karma digital, but it’s just not true. You can learn SEO, do it yourself, and be very successful. You can also hire an expert and be very successful. This guide even provides tips on How to Hire an SEO expert... definitely worth the 11 min video.


Before you dive into finding an SEO expert to help you, I’d strongly encourage everyone to read this guide. karma digital clients are so successful because they understand the SEO basics and foundations. This knowledge empowers my clients to question strategies, to improve on ideas because they know their business better than me, and ultimately it makes me a better SEO.