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Q: What’s One Thing I’d Be Surprised to Know About SEO?

Today, on a potential client call the last question we were asked was amazing and one of my favorites to respond to. The potential client asked,

“What’s the one thing about SEO that I’d be surprised to know?”

My response, was simple and one that I repeat frequently.

“SEO isn’t as hard and mysterious as us folks in SEO make it out to be.”

And in fact, the reason I require a team training at the start of an engagement is because when my clients and the team understand the foundations of search engine optimization, I am able to get critical feedback on the strategies I create. Search engine optimization folks like to use big scary words like “canonical tags” and “over indexation”, but the reality is, most people should ignore all the super tactical items and focus on the big picture when providing SEO feedback. Yes, algorithms constantly change, but at the end of the day if you are answering questions better than anyone else out there… you’re going to be just fine.  We drive big results because our clients understand what we are doing, why we are doing it, and feel empowered to ask tough questions and give feedback. Afterall, they know their business best.