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Q: We’re Ranking #1, but We aren’t Getting Increased Business…What Gives?

I recently got to present a really awesome report to a current client, showcasing some tough target keywords and us ranking #1 for them. The client had a great question, one that folks are often afraid to ask…

“It’s great that we are ranking #1, but we aren’t seeing any increase in calls or sales about that product, what gives?”

Yes and Yes for asking this question! I’ve trained my clients well, they know when to push back and when to question things. My response, well, it could be a couple of things:


  1. Is our site optimized for conversions/our desired action? Upon initial glance, it was really confusing what action we wanted people to take. We approach conversion optimization using a four pillar methodology. First, clarity, is it clear what the page is about, who it is intended for, and what you want them to do? Second, value, what are the benefits of taking that action? Third, anxiety, is the page simple but clear, do we set expectations? Lastly, distraction, is there anything on the page distracting users from taking that desired action?
  2. If the site is completely optimized for conversions, there is the possibility that the query isn’t a “converting” query. We categorize search queries into “Know, Go, Buy”. Is it possible this is a “know” query where someone wants to learn something? Most of the time we can weed out these types of phrases based on what is already ranking, but sometimes, our product page does such a good job of educating that it ranks well but the users have no intent of purchasing.

So, if you have terms ranking #1 but not converting into customers, ask yourself those questions. That doesn’t mean they aren’t adding value, but maybe they aren’t bottom of funnel terms like you initially expected.