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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the act of optimizing your owned and earned content to appear in a search. SEO tactics most frequently include updates to your website and external links that point back to your website. While these tactics are still very relevant, we aren’t just talking about Google anymore.

We view SEO as the act of optimizing content to appear when someone is looking for it. This means, any owned or earned content can be optimized to appear where and when you want across hundreds of search engines. Search engines are no longer limited to Google/Bing/Yahoo because people use various places to search. That’s why our services aren’t limited to traditional SEO. We optimize your content to appear to the right audience at the right location at the right time.

Our work extends across:

  • Google/Bing/Yahoo: true to our roots, we offer traditional SEO to help your website appear higher and more frequently in the major traditional search engines for relevant queries
  • YouTube: most frequently used to search for videos and is the second largest search engine behind Google
  • Amazon: used to search for products with the intent of purchasing
  • Facebook (and other social platforms): used to search for friends, businesses, and events
  • Twitter: used mostly for customer service requests and searching for issues
  • Yelp (and other local review platforms): used to search for local businesses and reviews
  • App Stores: used to search for apps
  • Niche websites: used mostly for people looking for something specific in a specific industry, for example Zillow/Trulia/Realtor.com (to find homes and properties), Petfinder (to find a new furry friend), and ClassPass (to find a gym/workout)

SEO is not an once-and-done marketing tactic. Search engine optimization requires ongoing management and maintenance for a few reasons:

  1. There is no magic formula to move your website to #1 for a list of terms… if a company tells you they will do that, run.
  2. Because there is no magic formula, we do initial optimizations, analyze results, and make changes…this is ongoing, even once you rank #1.
  3. Everyone is “optimizing” their content (well, not everyone but a lot of people), meaning we have to constantly up our game and make our content better and better. Search engines are smart, you will not appear at the top if your product/service/offering isn’t what people are looking for or you don’t deliver the best results/experience/answer.
  4. Once you get your content to the top, it’s a competitive game to keep it there! You’ve got to be on top of your game or the next big site will take your spot.

SEO is something that we believe entire teams should understand. Now, we don’t mean that everyone needs to know the nitty gritty (that’s what we’re here for!), but we do expect that when we work with a company that they are willing to learn the foundations. Our clients are successful and we have the best results because they put the time in to understand the foundations, empowering them to provide educated feedback on the strategy. Our clients know their company/product/service/offering best, we know SEO best, we are invested in our clients and learning enough of what they do to create a strategy and we expect them to learn enough SEO to give valuable feedback on that strategy.

It’s really that simple, how can you have the best marketing strategy from an agency that doesn’t understand what you do- and you don’t understand what they do. We don’t believe in blind-trust when it comes to our company and how we show up in the marketing, and neither should you.

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